5 Days Multi-stakeholders Training on Child Protection and Juvenile Justice in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. ( 11-15 March 2019)

This training is for 05 days. It has started today and will conclude on 15-03-2019. The focus of the training is to enlighten all stakeholders in relation to the rights of child. There has been established one ''Child Court'' at Peshawar, presided over by Senior Judicial Officer (Additional District & Sessions Judge). This training course will highlight issues of child under various international documents and national legislative instruments. It will also focus on rights of child under the Constitution of Pakistan.
 This is for the first time that Child Court is established with exclusive jurisdiction in relation to rights of child and enforcement thereof. This court will deal with child in conflict with law as well as child at risk.
The expectation is that this training course will achieve its objective of enlightening all the stakeholders regarding the sensitivity of rights of child in our social milieu.


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