Bench Book- A Guide for District Judiciary

The aspiration of Mr. Zia ud Din Khattak (Director General) has been fulfilled by yet another milestone with the publication of Bench Book for District Judiciary by Mr. Niaz Muhammad Khan, Senior Director (R&P) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy. The purpose of the Bench book according to the author is:
“Bench books are meant for facilitating the users i.e. the judicial officers to have easy and handy reference to day to day procedural law. Since laws of different jurisdiction are different, the Bench book of one jurisdiction is not always relevant to other jurisdiction. The need was felt in this province to have our own Bench book for judicial officers….. The format of the book is suchthat every one especially new comer in judiciary should have easy access to relevant law with reference. Effort is also made to give reference to delegated legislation and case law also where relevant and possible without overburdening the user.”
The foreword of the Bench Book is written by Mr. Zia ud Din Khattak, Director General KPJA in which he remarked “This Academy feels that delivery of service towards enhancement of judicial education is its primary and statutory duty. In this period of fast track journey those who fail to adapt to non conventional methods are bound to lag behind .The Academy, therefore, uses all possible ways and means to enhance the capacity of service providers in justice sector so that the ultimate goal of expeditious and quality justice to masses can be achieved. It was in this backdrop that I had a desire of preparing a handy guide for the judicial officers who on each occasion have to consult much bulky material for reaching the concerned law. This effort on their part consumes a lot of time and causes delay in disposal of judicial business. With handy reference lot of time of court shall be saved and it shall also aid to better and timely service delivery.”


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