Legal awareness FM Radio Meezan Inaugurated: Chief Justice got birthday gift

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Mr. Justice Dost Mohammad Khan inaugurated the FM radio station, Radio Meezan of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy Peshawar with the message that it would play an important role in raising awareness among the masses in the province about their rights and legal issues.
The inaugural ceremony was conducted on March 20 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar. The Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan had properly inaugurate the Radio channel and after it he had given a message to the general public through live Broadcast of Radio Meezan FM 96.6.
At the occasion the Judges of the PHC, Mr, Justice Mian Fasehulmulk, Mr. Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhail, Mr.Justice Shajehan Akhunzada and Justice Ms Irshad Qaisar, UNDP and PCNA members, Chairman and Professors of the department of journalism and mass communication, lawyers and others were also present.
Addressing the launching ceremony the Chief Justice PHC, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said that visibly it was a small studio but its mandate and sphere of delivery of service would increase manifold with each passing months. He added that importance of media could not be denied as it had played an important role not only in the movement for restoration of judiciary but also for democracy in the country.
Chief Justice said that initially the range of the radio station would be in the provincial capital but in next few months it would be extended to every nook and corner of the province and the target audience will include general public, judges, lawyer, law students, prosecutors, investigators, women, children, minorities and the rural population. He added that they would also try to launch a television channel of the academy in near future whenever funds were generated for that purpose.
" I hope and pray that Radio Meezan will become an effective mode for legal and social awareness and will be helpful in creating a society based on Justice" he added.
The PHC chief justice said that judiciary had often been blamed for interfering in the affairs of other organs but it had to intervene as the other two state organs had not been delivering in a befitting manner.“We will continue to intervene till such time when the two other organs start functioning in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution and then we would apply brakes to judicial activism,” he added.
About the forthcoming general elections, the PHC chief justice said that certain powers, both visible and invisible, made many fatal attacks on the election process in recent past, but judiciary thwarted all those attempts. During those attempts, he added, people were imported from abroad though well-designed plan but they failed in their designs.
“We are aware of the situation and are sending loud message to those circles that survival of people and this country is attached to democracy,” the PHC chief justice said, adding that lawyers and civil society should remain prepared for starting another movement whenever emergency call was made to them.
The PHC chief justice said that he was personally monitoring the investigation regarding the suicide blast at the Judicial Complex. It would be the lone case in the country wherein the mastermind would be arrested and would be brought to justice, he added.
Earlier, the director general of the KP Judicial Academy, Hayat Ali Shah, said that they had set several targets, which apparently appeared impossible but they achieved it through hard work and determination.“Law states that ignorance of law is no excuse. It is responsibility of the state to make the people aware about law, but it has failed to fulfill this responsibility,” he said. He added that with the launching of the radio that objective would be achieved.
The station director of the radio and senior director research and publication judicial academy, Mohammad Aamir Nazir had given a presentation and highlighted the salient features of the Radio Meezan station stating that it was started with the mission to impart distant learning to those related to justice sector and to educate and sensitise masses, especially downtrodden, about their fundamental rights.
It is worth mentioning that on the Date of inauguration of Radio Meezan (March 20) the honorable Chief Justice PHC, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan has also his own birthday.


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