Press Release KP Judicial Academy Dated 20th December 2017

 DG KP Judicial Academy, Khawaja Wajihuddin

            KP Judicial academy has been established in year 2012. Since then onward till now the academy has given training programs to all stakeholders of the judicial system. Those include judicial officers, lawyers, prosecutors, police department, paralegal staff on different subjects having specific manuals and modules prepared through specialized expertise. Those topics mainly include judgment writing, case and court management, substantive and procedural laws etc in weekly training programs .Besides above specialized training programs on juvenile justice system, criminal coordination justice system, SRLM, Anti terrorism laws, FATA orientation, financial crimes, forensics, cyber crimes and  fair trial etc.

          In 2017, the KP Judicial Academy has conducted various trainings on traditional and specialized subjects that included juvenile justice system, criminal coordination justice system, SRLM, Anti terrorism laws, FATA orientation, financial crimes, fair trial etc.The breakup of the trainings sessions include 10 Training programs  on case and court management, 3 four weeks Pre service trainings programs for newly inducted Civil Judges/JMs, 15 Seminars and workshops, 3 TOT programs, 3 Specialized Training for District and Sessions Judges Punjab Judicial Academy Lahore, a National Conference on ADR at Islamabad, 5 Training Programs on ADR, 4 Training programs for Newly Inducted Lawyers from across the Province etc. In these Training programs, workshops and Seminars 1500 Judicial officers, lawyers and other stakeholders of Justice Sector were Trained.

           For the first time ever in the history of KP Judicial Academy, one month long induction training courses for newly appointed Civil Judges/JM and Additional District & Sessions Judges were planned, designed and put into practice based on the needs assessment of the trainees.  These trainings were designed keeping in view their job description and practicalities involved in their functions including the likely impediments in the dispensation of justice. The focus areas of the various training programs included the capacity building, professional competence; ethical standards with related skills and attitude, required professional skills, practical experience. It is also noteworthy that the KP Judicial Academy,  has conducted 80 Trainings this year so far  and it marks a significant achievement for the faculty for designing and conducting various Training programs. For the first time besides the quantification the quality of training programs conducted have also registered significant improvements including training methodologies , selection of relevant Resource persons and experts.

          The KP Judicial Academy keeping in view, the successful completion of the various training programs in 2017 will strive to achieve the same quality and quantity of training programs in the year 2018. In this respect the KP Judicial Academy has drawn future vision document (2017-2027) outlining the future training programs and research studies. The Academy has also prepared  annual training calendar 2018 which consists of 90 training programs on various traditional and specialized subjects for judicial officers, court staff, lawyers, prosecutors, police and all the relevant stakeholders of justice sector .

                   KP Judicial academy also lunched different Research Studies, Consultancies advertised and Publications which  includes; 

A. Research Studies of KPJA:

1. FATA post merger challenges.

2. Legality, mandate and working mechanism of police controlled DRCs.

 3. Rational Behind increase in number of Judges.

4. Litigants perspective about access to justice.

 B. Consultancies advertised by KPJA:

5. Challenges and way forward regarding formal Judicial system in FATA.

6.Revising service structure and rules of District Judiciary and High Court.

7. Justice Sector strategy.

C. Publications of KPJA

8. Monthly E-Bulletin

9. Law giving verses of Quran and Sunnah,

10. Draft case management rule of civil Procedure ,

11. Draft case management rule of criminal procedure.

12. Execution rules, CPC.

          The KP Judicial Academy is also being honored for conducting a specialized training course for the officers and staff of the Judicial Secretariat established at the Peshawar High Court.





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