Training on Forensics for Judicial Magistrates (21-22 September, 2016) concluded

We live in a world of scientific advancements. Almost every single day brings with itself new stuff in science and technology. The field of investigation is not immune to this change. It has assumed the status of science.  The key players of the justice sector needs to equip itself with these advancements. The knowledge of scientific investigation to Judicial Officers is thus the need of the hour.
KP Judicial Academy is cognizant to these realities and has devised numerous specialized courses. The main purpose of these specialized courses is to keep pace with the ever increasing advancements in science.
 One such course was rolled out on 21st  September 2016. Its core aim was the capacity building of Judicial Magistrates in Forensic Sciences. The connotation, 'Forensic Science' covers a wide sphere of knowledge. Starting from the conventional skills and knowledge of tracking, finger prints, autopsy, ballistics and explosives to advance vistas such as digital forensics and DNA profiling etc. A batch of 26 Judicial Magistrates from throughout KPK attended the training course.
We are indebted to the generous support of Forensic Sciences Laboratory, KP Police Peshawar and Department of Forensic Medicine, Khyber Medical College Peshawar for providing seasoned resource persons, who imparted practical knowledge of Forensic sciences.
The course contents of this 02 days training were fairly wide. It included topics on handwriting and foot tracking, explosives and ballistics, forensic pathology, cause of death and its determination, DNA profiling and its application in investigation, digital forensics and knowledge of finger prints.
On successful conclusion of the trainings, the Director General KPJA conferred certificates on the participants.


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