Training for NAB Investigators 03-08 February, 2020

One Week Training for the Investigation Officers of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) held from February 3 to 8, 2020, has been successfully concluded today. A total of 15 IOs attended the training.
The topics of the course included the Ethics in public service: Significance for NAB Investigators, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Important Judgments of Superior Courts on Accountability Laws, Law of Evidence: Burden of Proof with specific Reference to NAB Law, Common Mistakes in Investigation of NAB Offences, Basic Ingredients of Offences under NAB Law, Law of Evidence: Relevancy, Impeaching witnesses, Examination in Chief & Cross-Examination, Admissions & Confessions, Documentary Evidence in white-collar crimes, Basic Investigation Techniques, and Basics of Land Records.
Experienced judges, a former senior officer from civil service, senior police officer, and lawyers were the resource persons.
Participants in their training evaluation expressed satisfaction regarding the effectiveness and usefulness of the training. They also expressed their profound gratitude to the Peshawar High Court and the Academy for arranging the training.


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