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Screening test and interviews for the post of Junior Clerk / Office Assistant

All those candidates who have applied for the posts of Junior Clerk / Office Assistant vide Adv No- Ad/2-12/KPJA, at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy are informed to appear for written test and interview at the Academy on 16 & 17 April, 2013 respectively, at 9AM. No TA/DA will be paid to the candidates.

Legal awareness FM Radio Meezan Inaugurated: Chief Justice got birthday gift

Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Mr. Justice Dost Mohammad Khan inaugurated the FM radio station, Radio Meezan of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy Peshawar with the message that it would play an important role in raising awareness among the masses in the province about their rights and legal issues.
The inaugural ceremony was conducted on March 20 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar. The Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan had properly inaugurate the Radio channel and after it he had given a message to the general public through live Broadcast of Radio Meezan FM 96.6.
At the occasion the Judges of the PHC, Mr, Justice Mian Fasehulmulk, Mr. Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhail, Mr.Justice Shajehan Akhunzada and Justice Ms Irshad Qaisar, UNDP and PCNA members, Chairman and Professors of the department of journalism and mass communication, lawyers and others were also present.
Addressing the launching ceremony the Chief Justice PHC, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said that visibly it was a small studio but its mandate and sphere of delivery of service would increase manifold with each passing months. He added that importance of media could not be denied as it had played an important role not only in the movement for restoration of judiciary but also for democracy in the country.
Chief Justice said that initially the range of the radio station would be in the provincial capital but in next few months it would be extended to every nook and corner of the province and the target audience will include general public, judges, lawyer, law students, prosecutors, investigators, women, children, minorities and the rural population. He added that they would also try to launch a television channel of the academy in near future whenever funds were generated for that purpose.
" I hope and pray that Radio Meezan will become an effective mode for legal and social awareness and will be helpful in creating a society based on Justice" he added.
The PHC chief justice said that judiciary had often been blamed for interfering in the affairs of other organs but it had to intervene as the other two state organs had not been delivering in a befitting manner.“We will continue to intervene till such time when the two other organs start functioning in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution and then we would apply brakes to judicial activism,” he added.
About the forthcoming general elections, the PHC chief justice said that certain powers, both visible and invisible, made many fatal attacks on the election process in recent past, but judiciary thwarted all those attempts. During those attempts, he added, people were imported from abroad though well-designed plan but they failed in their designs.
“We are aware of the situation and are sending loud message to those circles that survival of people and this country is attached to democracy,” the PHC chief justice said, adding that lawyers and civil society should remain prepared for starting another movement whenever emergency call was made to them.
The PHC chief justice said that he was personally monitoring the investigation regarding the suicide blast at the Judicial Complex. It would be the lone case in the country wherein the mastermind would be arrested and would be brought to justice, he added.
Earlier, the director general of the KP Judicial Academy, Hayat Ali Shah, said that they had set several targets, which apparently appeared impossible but they achieved it through hard work and determination.“Law states that ignorance of law is no excuse. It is responsibility of the state to make the people aware about law, but it has failed to fulfill this responsibility,” he said. He added that with the launching of the radio that objective would be achieved.
The station director of the radio and senior director research and publication judicial academy, Mohammad Aamir Nazir had given a presentation and highlighted the salient features of the Radio Meezan station stating that it was started with the mission to impart distant learning to those related to justice sector and to educate and sensitise masses, especially downtrodden, about their fundamental rights.
It is worth mentioning that on the Date of inauguration of Radio Meezan (March 20) the honorable Chief Justice PHC, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan has also his own birthday.


D.G Licensing PEMRA, Mr. Jumani Ashfak presenting Radio Meezan FM 96.6 license to Sr. Director R&P/ Station Director Muhammad Aamir Nazir & Director Human Rights, PHC Mrs. Rifat Nazir on Monday March 11, 2013

Radio Meezan inauguration on March 20

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, PEMRA had issued license to Radio Meezan FM 96.6, KP Judicial Academy Peshawar on Monday. The inauguration of the FM Radio Meezan will be conducted on March 20. The Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court ,PHC Justice Dost Muhammad Khan will inaugurate the Radio Meezan.
The Director General licensing PEMRA, Mr. Jumani Ashfak and Assistant Manager PEMRA had presented Radio Meezan FM 96.6 license to Senior R&P/ Station Director Mr. Muhammad Aamir Nazir and Director Human Rights, PHC Mrs. Rifat Aamir During handing over ceremony on Monday, March 11 in Islamabad.
The Radio Meezan which will start its operation on March 20 is the first FM Radio station in its format in Pakistan. Radio Meezan will run by the KP Judicial Academy Peshawar. As a non-commercial, non-political facility, Meezan Radio will operate under the PEMRA Rules. The frequency allotted to the Radio is FM 96.6.

Another milestone achieved; Judicial Academy Research Centre Inaugurated

Judicial Academy Research Centre Inaugurated

The  research center of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy set up with the support of the United Nations Development Program(UNDP) was inaugurated  jointly by the Chief  Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan and UNDP Country Director Marc Andre Franche on Wednesday, March 6.
Swiss Development Corporation Country Director Andreas Huber, Saadat Ali of the Netherland's embassy, Judges of the Peshawar High Court Mr.Justice Mian Fasehul Mulk, Justice Ms Irshad Qaisar, Registrar PHC Subhan Sher, Director General  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy(KPJA) Peshawar Hayat Ali Shah, Senior Director Research and Publication KPJA Muhammad Aamir Nazir, Director Admin KPJA Saleem Khan and others were also present at the inauguration ceremony.   
During his address at the inauguration ceremony, Chief  Justice PHC, Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said that our  main goal is to firmly establish the Rule of Law in this part of the globe as once that objective is achieved, it will help in elimination of evils from the society. He said  the judiciary was able to establish rule of law, the society would become highly civilized and nobody would be able to disturb peace, there would be equal distribution of natural resources and frustration of the members of society, especially the downtrodden ones, would be drastically reduced.
Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said the research wing of KP Judicial Academy was a new milestone in short history of Judicial Academy. He said that it would conduct all sorts of researches, from analytical to critical, from historical to contemporary and from national to international. He said that such researches would make impact on other areas of public policy and soon this research centre would turn into knowledge providing centre on national level. Chief  Justice said that the establishment of the research wing in a short time is an outcome of his team's untiring efforts.
The Chief  Justice Dost Muhammad Khan announced that a FM Radio Station (Radio Meezan) of the judicial academy would soon go on air as they already received approval from relevant quarters. He said that the objective of the radio stations launch was that instead of confining training courses importing legal education in four walls of the academy it should travel to parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and subsequently to FATA so that in the minimum possible time, they were able sensitize masses about their basic rights.
UNDP Country Director Marc Andre Franche said during his address that the KP Judicial Academy had taken an immensely important step by establishing the research wing. He said that research enables us to make inform decisions, and inform decisions are the ones which institution need the most for making progress. Mr. Franche said promoting the rule of law at national and international levels is at the heart of the United Nation's mission. He added that he was sure that the research wing of the KP Judicial Academy would add value in the rule of law sector and would help them develop a knowledgebase which would form the foundations of national peace and progress.
Earlier, Director General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy Hayat Ali Shah and Dean faculty Dr,Khursheed Iqbal also apprised the audience of the need for the Judicial Academy's creation, courses imparted there and its future program.

Nation and Media rise and fall together--Justice Dost Muhammad Khan

Media being the fourth and foremost pillar of the state must check the service deliveries of the institutions and shall pen point the misdeeds to set them right, said by Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, Chief Justice Peshawar high court. He was addressing a bunch of journalists, who participated in the one day training workshop organized by the Academy for court/crime reporters. The workshop was the first of its kind in the country. The workshop was attended by the court reporters of the leading daily news papers and TV channels. The focus of the training was to sensitize the court reporters on all the relevant laws and procedures of court reporting.

Dr. Adnan khan, Director Research of the Academy deliver lecture on the boundaries/limits of journalistic freedom with focus on court reporting. Mr.Sohail Khan, an Islamabad based senior court reporter sensitize the participants on the ethics of reporting, while renowned anchor person and journalist Syed Tallat Hussain share his personal experiences with the participants. The job of the court reporter is not simple, it is intricate and sensitive thus requires high skills on the part of the reporter, said Tallat. He added that the present workshop is highly important, however there is a dire need of formal  training of the court reporters.

Talking at the Concluding ceremony, Hayat Ali Shah, The Director General of the Academy make commitment to hold a full fledge training for the journalist in the future. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, Chairman of the Academy confer certificates on the participants and promised to provide full support to the Academy for conducting similar trainings in future.

The delegation of the Peshawar High Court to Manila returned back

To see the working of the mobile courts at Manila, Philippines a delegation of judicial officers and officials of UNDP project UNOPS  lead by the Hayat Ali Shah, The D.G of the Academy return back on Saturday. The delegates held a post visit meeting at the Academy wherein recommendations were drawn for the working of the mobile courts. The visit was a part of the efforts  to put in practice the idea of the Chief Justice to provide justice at the door steps to the public through the concept of justice on wheels. The delegate will soon be presenting its report to the Chief Justice.  

Inspector General Frontier Constabulary gifted a replica to the Academy

General Ghayor Mahmood, the Inspector General(IG) of the FC gifted a replica of the historical Balahisar fort to the Academy. The replica was presented to the Chairman of the Academy Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan,  by Mrs. Sofia Waqar the sister of the IG on his behalf, at the concluding ceremony of the one day workshop for the journalists. The Chairman pay special thanks to the IG for gifting an elegant replica to the Academy.

The first ever training workshop on court reporting is to be held tomorrow on 21st Feb 2013.

The Academy is holding the first ever formal training workshop on court reporting and journalistic ethics on 21st Feb,2013.

The workshop aims at updating the participants on various legal rules and principles, and to sensitize them to various ethical and moral aspects of court reporting.

The Chairman of the Academy Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, conceived the idea to hold the subject workshop and to take the media on board being one of the significant role player in a growing democracy. Court/crime reporters of all the leading news papers and TV channels are invited.

The participants would be sensitized on the Boundaries/limits of journalistic freedom with special focus on court reporting, the status of Media in Islam and professional responsibilities/liabilities of court reporters.

Fourth Six-Day Training Course on “Judgment Writing” to commence from 03 December 2012

The fourth batch of 25 Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate will commence on 03 December, 2012, at the KP Judicial Academy. The six day course is the fourth in a series of total 17 trainings. Like the previous three similar trainings, this one will also be supported by the UNDP. The main aim of the training course is to sensitize Judicial Officers to the grey areas of judgment writing. They are, for example, improvement in linguistic skills and proper appreciation of fact, law and evidence. Besides, the course also caters for other needs, such as, knowledge of the best practices across the world, Islamic perspective of judgment writing and perception lock vis-à-vis judicial decision making. The services of high profile resource persons are being hired to ensure quality. The methodology is mainly interactive, participatory and learning by doing. The Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court/ Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Academy is expected to visit the Academy at tea break time for a brief interaction with the participants and a group photograph.



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