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KP Judicial Academy Mediation centre resolved a case through ADR process sent by The Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court

  The ADR centre (former Mediation centre)  which was established in the KP Judicial academy is dormant since long, as no case has been referred to it. Since  now a case has been referred by the Hon'ble Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Justice Yahya Afridi  for appraisal and its prospective under ADR  mechanism which was to be processed before 18th September 2017.
      In reference: Civil Revision No: 142 of 2009, Town Municipal Administration Peshawar Town-IV through Town Municipal officer (TMO), Town-IV, and others Versus Khuram Ali Co. through propriety Mustansar Hussain R/o Nishtarabad, Peshawar City and others.
      The Mediators were Mr. Sohail Sheraz Noor Sani, Senior Director Research & Publication KPJA, Ms. Hajira Rehman, Director Instructions, KPJA and Mr. Zia- Ur - Rehman, Director Instructions, KP Judicial Academy.
     1. The bid of the plaintiff for recovery of building plan fee was accepted and the contract awarded to him by the defendants for 10 months. This was unilaterally cancelled after a period of 06 months thereby causing losses to the contractors. This was challenged before the courts and the matter was finally referred to the ADR Center of the Judicial Academy.
     2. Since no breach or violation of the contract was alleged, its cancellation was illegal. The plaintiff did not claim any damages but only the actual amount which would have been due to him if the period of the contract was completed. His claim was over Rs. 12 lacs but to the mediation, both parties accepted a claim of Rs. 8,05,200/- after the books of account were examined and reconciled by the arbitrators.
     Nowthat the matter stands resolved , the High Court may decree the suit in the above terms of compromise or make the award the rule of the court as it desires.

Pakistan Mediators Association visited KP Judicial Academy and Meeting with official of the Academy on 13th July, 2017

     A  three members delegation of Pakistan Mediators Association (PMA) visited KP Judicial Academy Peshawar on 13th July, 2017. The Director General, KP Judicial Academy, Mr. Muhammad Massod Khan welcomed the delegation. Senior Director Administration, KPJA, Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan, Dean Faculty, KPJA, Mr. Khawaja Wajihuddin, SR. Director Research and Publication, KPJA, Sohail Sheraz Noor Sani and Director Instructions Mr. Ziaurahman were also present at the meeting.
The purpose of this visit was to explore avenues of mutual cooperation between the two institutions and to seek assistance of the Academy in the area of capacity building.

One Day Program on "Awareness Program on Support to the Reclamation and Probation Service (APSRPS)" at KPJA, on 13th July, 2017

         The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Reclamation and Probation Director Mr. Mualim Jan Aramzai and District and Session Judge Peshawar Mr. Anwar Ali chaired a Reclamation and Probation Awareness Campaign Workshop at the Judicial Academy in Peshawar on 13th July 2017 to create awareness and promote a better understanding of the role and function of the Reclamation and Probation Service in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Criminal Justice Sector.
              Representatives from the Reclamation and Probation Directorate, Home and Tribal Affairs, Police Department, Judiciary, DOST Foundation and Civil Society representatives from Peshawar, Mansehra, Abbottabad Charsadda, Mardan, Kohat and D.I Khan Districts were present at the event.
              The participants at the workshop discussed the modalities of promoting an awareness campaign that will highlight the advantages of parole and probation, over prison sentences for criminal offenders who qualify for the system. When probation and parole are managed well, they can help reduce recidivism and reduce prison populations. This can ultimately reduce the overall crime rate and increase the safety of citizens.
           The campaign will have a special focus on the Juvenile Justice System in the context of the application of the Probation of Offenders Ordinance and the importance of the system for juveniles.
            The Reclamation and Probation Directorate will use the key message identified in the workshop to promote their work with the other stakeholders in the Criminal Justice Sector and Civil Society in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
             The workshop was facilitated by European Union funded Citizens Justice and Peace Programme (CJPP) which is a three year EU-funded Programme, implemented in collaboration with the Government of KP, aimed at improving Home and Tribal Affairs’ Department and Police’s responsiveness to citizens’ security and justice needs by strengthening institutional capacity, inter-departmental coordination and civil society engagement.

UNDP Officials meeting with Director General, KP Judicial Academy on 12th July,2017 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar

      Adelegation from the UNDP visited the Academy on 12th July, 2017. Director General, KP Judicial Academy, Mr. Muhammad Masood Khan welcomed the delegation and a brief was also given to the delegation about the progress of KP Judicial Academy. The matters of common interest were discussed in the meeting.
The delegation appreciated the academic achievements of  the Academy and also expressed immense pleasure on the progress made by KPJA in very short span of time.

Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) Meeting With Peshawar High Court(PHC) Coordination Committee on 12 July 2017 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar

    Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) meeting was held at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar with Peshawar high court Coordination Committee on 12th of July 2017. The Meeting was the continuation of the meetings.
Mr. Masood Khan, Director General KPJA, Mr. Sadiq Shah , Director Budget and Accounts Peshawar High Court (PHC), Mr. Khurshed Iqbal, D&SJ PHC, Mr. Abdul Mateen, Justice Advisor, JSSP KP and Mr. Qaisar Raza ,Technical Advisor, JSSP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were participated in the Meeting.

Case Analysis UNODC Meeting on 11th July, 2017 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar

    The subject meeting was held at KP Judicial Academy on 11th July, 2017. Justice (R) Hamid Farooq Durrani, Justice (R) Abdul Latif Khan, Mr. Muhammad Masood Khan, DG KPJA, Muhammad Asim Imam, Accountability Judge, Peshawar, Khawaja Wajihuddin, Dean Faculty, KPJA, Mr. Yasir Khan, Program officer, UNODC, Ms Fatima Raza, Program Assistant, UNODC were attended the meeting.

 Agenda of the meeting was already circulated. Khawaja Wajihuddin, Dean Faculty, KPJA facilitated the meeting. He outlined the methodology, objectives and procedure of the working group.

       It was agreed that gap analysis, process improvement and difference in the approach of two courts will be assessed besides training and legislative needs.The activity “Analysis of a CT Related Cases from the Criminal Justice Perspective” was a collaborative effort of the KPJA and UNODC under PACT program structured into 07 sessions. The core objective of this activity was qualitative analysis drawn from random sampling of 20 CT cases from KP. It included both acquittal and conviction by ATC and was analyzed by a group of experts from judiciary to determining the following:- Gap Analysis: Where did the gaps exist in each case and how can these gaps be removed.      Identifying Training Needs: The results of the analysis will determine what training modules need to be developed. Identifying Legislative Needs: Identification of legal gaps and recommendations.

Letter of Agreement (LOA) signed between UNDP and KP Judicial Academy on 10th July, 2017 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar

   A Letter of Agreement between United Nation Development Program (UNDP) and KP Judicial Academy Peshawar for research study, Development of a software for law search index, capacity building of  judicial officers, lawyers and courts staff  under strengthening "Rule of  Law " Program signed on 10th July 2017 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar. This LOA is effective from 1st July, 2017 to 31st December, 2017. LOA signing ceremony was held at BOG Hall of the Academy and on behalf of Country Director, UNDP, Ignacio Artaza, Mr. Ijaz Ali singed and on behalf of KP Judicial academy, Director General, KPJA, Mr. Muhammad Masood Khan. The Senior Director Administration, KPJA, Mr. Muhammad Asif  Khan, Dean Faculty, KPJA, Khawaja Wajihuddin, Director Instructions II, Mr. Zia ul Rehman and Director Instructions III Ms. Hajra Rahman were also present at the occasion.   

KPJA Work  Plan (1st  July to 31st December 2017)

v  Support Training of lawyers on ADR.
v  Pre Consultation meeting for planning the National conference on ADR.
v  National Conference on ADR.
v  Training of Judicial officers and Court Staff on upgraded and specialized training Manuals.
v  Research on FATA.
v  Establishment of law search Index.

One Day Expert Group Discourse on Criminal Justice Coordination Committee (CJCC) at KP, Judicial Academy on 5th July, 2017 (Follow up of First Activity on 24th May,2017)

  One day expert group discourse on Criminal Justice Coordination Committee, (CJCC) was held at KP Judicial Academy, Peshawar on 5th July, 2017. This expert meeting was the follow up of the first activity, which was held on 24th May, 2017 at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar.
           Expert group meeting purpose was to examine and identify the issues regarding management of Criminal Court files and evidential proofs.The meeting was moderated by the Dean of Judicial Academy, Mr. Khawaja Wajihuddin  and was attended by the members of Judiciary, Prosecution Service, Police and the Reclamation and Probation Directorate.
          The moderator welcomed all the participants and shared the purpose of the meeting.  He emphasized the importance of the correct preparation and management of court files and discussed the issues surrounding the non-availability of evidential proofs in the prosecution of some criminal cases. He reminded all the participants that there was a necessity for the police and prosecutions to take responsibility for the preparation and management of files by ensuring that the required proofs were available to the court.
Recommendations of the meeting arePolice prosecutor coordination, Composition and arrangement of Court File, Mentoring/Awareness Raising.
       The Moderator concluded the session and informed the participants of the next steps. He stated that these recommendations will be shared with each department for implementation and approval.  He thanked all the participants for taking out the time in their schedule for attending this workshop and also for their meaningful contribution in making this workshop a success.
      It is worth mentioning here that the Citizens’ Justice and Peace Programme (CJPP) is a 34-month Rule of Law programme that started in September 2015 and is scheduled to finish in June 2018. The programme is implemented by Coffey International Development and funded by the European Union.
           The programme’s overall objective is to contribute to strengthening Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) State responsiveness to citizens’ security and justice needs and to the restoration of trust between KP citizens and the State. CJPP is mandated to provide support to the Criminal Justice Coordination Committee in Peshawar and the selected districts of Swat, Nowshera, Mardan, Swabi and Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Five days Training Course for Newly Inducted lawyers from Across KP Province (Batch-4) at KP Judicial Academy dated 3rd July to 7th July, 2017

      The role of an advocate assumes a greater significance with every passing time. Effective service delivery is a sine quo non for maintaining the confidence of the people in the justice system of the country. Hence we are faced with a huge task to promote legal values, ethical standards and rule of law. Since there is always scope & need for the improvement, so therefore, and on the basis of experience from the two conducted trainings for the young lawyers we deemed it appropriate to introduce some modifications and changes in the modules.
         A Week long training program for young lawyers of batch Four was arranged at KP Judicial Academy. The realization of the fact that lawyers need formal class room training is, no doubt, a paradigm shift. While experience has no match, one can’t help appreciate the usefulness of a learning environment a class room provides. The aims and objectives of the training were to inculcate and promote ethical values and standards; contribute to the capacity building of all stakeholders of the justice sector, gain diverse and ethical knowledge of ethics of the profession, explore failures of professional skills and how to address them, follow in letter and spirit the dictum of "Bench and Bar as two wheels of a chariot". Of great significance was the keen interest of the lawyers in the learning environment provided here. This is a matter of extreme happiness both for the Academy and the lawyers’ community. The Academy is happy because it successfully inched forward to include lawyers (and that too in such a large number)—another key stakeholder in the administration of justice. The Bar must be happy as it successfully took an initiative to become part of the capacity building program of the Academy.

05-Days Training on Case & Court management for Judicial Officers 24-28-7, 2017 concluded

 The first 5-day training course [24- 28 July, 2017] on “Case and Court Management” for Judges based on the revised manual was conducted successfully. The focus of the Course was to sensitize the participants about the delay in administration of the Justice and to make them learn and apply the techniques and concept of pre-trial conferencing and trail scheduling. As many as 25 Civil  Judges cum Judicial Magistrates  from across the province participated in the course.  The course is part of the UNDP’s Strengthening the Rule of Law in Malakand (SRLM) project. In the concluding ceremony, the participants shared their feedback with the Academy through their representative. The participants also expressed gratitude for their nomination in the course. Director General  KP Judicial Academy, Mr. Muhammad Masood khan was the chief guest on the occasion. Senior Director Administration KP Judicial Academy, Mr. Muhammad Asif  Khan, Senior Director Research and Publication KPJA, Mr. Sohail Sheraz Noor Sani, Director Instructions, KPJA, Mr. Zia ur Rahman and Ms. Hajra Rahman also participated at the occasion.   DG, KPJA distributed certificates among the participants and addressed the gathering.



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